How to Find a School That’s Right for Your Child

There comes a point when every parent goes through the process to find a classes for their child. It can be a difficult process – you might have some other opinion on choice of schools than your child; you may be moving to a new area; or you may be looking at an independent, service charge paying school for your child. Whatever the scenario, help is around to ensure you find the right school where your child is happy.

So we have put together some general advice to help you not just get a school, but to find the right school.

Moving area – looking for a school in an area you are not familiar with can be very tricky, mainly given the amount of assistance given by existing primary schools for getting their pupils into the right secondary school. The best place to start off is by making a shortlist of schools in the area you are relocating to, you can do a postcode search here. Once you have your personal list, contact them and find out when they are open for you to visit. The whole process can then be broken down into a simple, enjoyable training for you and your child.

Find an independent school – looking for an independent school for your child then your options will become considerably narrower. Outside of major towns and cities there are typically only a handful of independent, fee paying schools to choose from and you will probably already know what these are. Independent schools will always have available days or open evenings where you can call in and check it out around to see if it is right for you. As they are fewer in variety, it is likely you will need to use the school’s transport service to get your little one to and from school each day, so check where that stops and picks up in relation to your home.

Find a school having good OFSTED ratings – OFSTED ratings work on a new numbered rating from 1 to 4, with just one being the best (Outstanding) and 4 being the most awful (Needs improvement). A school in category 4 will oftentimes be put in what is known as Special Measures, meaning it has outdoor assistance from the local authority to try to improve, and the senior managing team can be replaced if they are deemed to be ineffective. Regardless of scenario, every schools’ OFSTED rating is published web can be viewed for free, so always go and take a look to find out all the ins and outs and use them to help you Nursery admission find a school.

Find a school your kid is in disagreement with – quite often you will have a differing view than your child’s. This will almost certainly be the case when you go to find a school for them. They may favour a school where all their friends go, or which has the best sports team, as well as is nearest your home, whereas these may be the schools together with the worst OFSTED ratings, or the worst transport links, you (rather more sensibly! ) deem less adequate.