Favorite Eyeshadow and Eyeliner from 2018

In the event you missed it, I rounded up some of my favorite lip solutions in this post! I’m moving on today to eye products!

My partner and i used cream eyeshadow sticks for so much of the calendar year. They are quick and simple, which is what I needed right when I acquired the baby. Usually they are very easy to apply and blend, and my favorite brand of shadows is by NudeStix.

Too Faced Healthy Eyes Palette – A beautiful palette of easy to have on tones that would be flattering on so many different skin tones. The colors are pigmented and buttery, this would be a great all around palette to have in your makeup bag!

One Fine Line eyeliner – This is great for lining right at the base of the lashes so your lashline looks thicker!

Nudestix Eyeshadows – They are really so easy to use and blend in easily. Perfect for quick days or if you want a low maintenance makeup routine.

Maybelline eyeshadow crayon – a drugstore version of a cream darkness that looks beautiful on the eye. The packaging is a little clunky but the color is stunning.

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner – This is a great long-lasting eyeliner that can be smudged available immediately after using but once it’s sets it will not end up to go anywhere!

Marc Jacobs Gel eyeliner – With days that I was skipping dark liner or vision makeup, I would at least smudge a bit of this at my lashline for a touch of depth. It’s a beautiful shade as well as would also look beautiful under the eye as well!

Help Vanity Flare Nude palette – I bought this in the future in the year but I reach for it more often than not! It’s been recently a favorite palette for sure. The colors are Luxury beauty products and can all be mixed together nicely to create different eye looks!

k. s. The easiest cat eye in the world, and a favorite increase ended eyeshadow brush!