Creating an Effective Church Welcome Packet


A new first-rate welcome packet is an important part of the new visitor practical experience. Done correctly, a packet can help to draw someone in to your church again, by informing them of opportunities to connect with other members while also reminding them with the personality and mission of your church. Let’s evaluate that tool and explore how to create an effective welcome small fortune with limited effort while saving money.

Every welcome pack has 2 basic components: the outer shell, and the inner surface materials. Some churches start with the outer shell and then consider what to put in it. Others choose what they want to acquire for attendees, and then choose an appropriate container for those resources. In any case works; just find what works best for your team.

Often the Shell

The outside of a welcome packet can take many sorts. Some churches opt for putting literature inside a mug; other individuals use bags or fancy printed boxes. But the most usual approach is the presentation folder, which offers a low-cost strategy to present information to your new attendees. The challenge with versions is that they can lack personality. Linen folders with yellow metal embossed lettering, the norm at many traditional churches, could say that you are classy, but not necessarily friendly.

To increase the style of your packets, try using full-color printing to add warmth in addition to character. Full-color printing can often cost less than customizing people older linen folders, and offer a lot more flexibility with the style and design. You can add your name, your logo, your mission report, even a Bible verse, all in the context of a beautiful impression that represents your church.

If you decide to utilize a more exotic external wrap, then make sure it fits at least one of these several criteria to maximize the effort.

It helps create a consistent theme. Like a brown lunch bag says, “We’re casual. micron
It offers something useable, such as a mug or water package.

It focuses on a unique aspect of your church. For example , a new media-savvy church might include the materials along with a DVD in a very plastic DVD case.

Whether your church decides on employing presentation folders, mugs, or a different shell for your equipment, make sure the outside of your packet intrigues the newcomer in opening it up and reading the materials inside.

The medial

The inside resources are even more varied than the different exterior shells. I have seen kitchen magnets, pens, pencils, along with promotional materials added to different forms of printed resources. You will discover DVD’s, CD’s, and probably MP3’s you can deliver likewise. Know moreĀ

Don’t go overboard, though. Limit the amount of promotional materials utilised in any welcome packet. We live in a day and grow older where people are given promotional materials from every small business in their neighborhood. Promotional materials are designed for organizations that are telling “when you need _______ service or product, then give us a call. ” Seeing that churches we are not waiting for people to need us with regard to their spiritual fix. Our goal is to show attendees the quality in participating with a community of people growing together inside understanding of Christ. What people want is personality. They want heat. They want community.

A welcome packet is just a corporate packet or a trade-show gift if it doesn’t offer up a real good sense of the community that your church embraces. Every church takes a different approach, but I recommend starting with the idea of using bright colors, happy faces, and personal touches to create a sense of what your ceremony is really about. Forget about the chotchkies.