6 Common Questions About Making A Whiplash Personal Injury Claim

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There are various questions raised when it comes to making a whiplash personal injury claim, in addition to whiplash solicitors have heard all of them. Often it’s the same issues people ask each time, and so in order to help anyone who all may be considering making a whiplash claim, here are some of the most faq’s, along with answers which may help you make your mind up about if to pursue a claim or not.

Am I eligible to generate a whiplash personal injury claim?

If you have suffered a whiplash harm as a result of an accident which was not your fault, and which occurred in the last three years, then yes, you are certainly eligible to make a claim. The one criteria which is important or relevant is that you have had whiplash, although it may have gone by the time you make a claim, the accident needs to have not been your fault, and the unpleasant incident must have taken place within the past three years. As long as you fulfil people criteria then you are certainly eligible to make a claim. Of course , staying eligible to make a claim doesn’t in any way guarantee that your claim will likely be successful, although in the vast majority of cases the outcome commonly is a positive one for the claimant.

Can I make a whiplash claim even if the other driver was uninsured?

This is a widespread concern, and a question a great many people ask. Often persons don’t bother to make a whiplash claim because they already know the actual driver was uninsured. However , you can still make a claim in cases like this. Rather than claiming against the other driver you instead promise against the MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau). The MIB began in 1946 specifically to enable drivers to make claims if the other driver does not have insurance, or left the arena and can’t be traced. Approximately £30 of your annual insurance policies premium goes to fund the MIB, and this money is definitely specifically to help you out in such situations.

The symptoms of whiplash decided not to appear until the next day, can I still make a claim?

It is renowned by both medical professionals and whiplash solicitors that that’s why the symptoms of whiplash may take several hours to make themselves well-known. Just as bruises can sometimes take a while to develop, whiplash can have deferred payment method effect. You may well step from your vehicle after a back shunt and feel perfectly all right, albeit shaken right up. But it could well be that later that day, or even the adhering to day, symptoms start to appear. In such cases you are still beautifully able to make a valid claim.

Will I need to attend judge in order to make a whiplash personal injury claim?

Almost certainly not. Mainly because going to court costs a great deal of money both parties usually settle ahead of when this. In a very few rare cases it is sometimes important to go to court, although the claimant doesn’t always need to sign up for. On average around 2% of cases go to court on a yearly basis, but generally you will not need to attend court in order to make a whiplash personal injury claim.

The car accident was only very trivial, will people think I’m just making the symptoms about get compensation?

It doesn’t take a lot to cause whiplash. In fact research has shown that whiplash can be caused on account of a rear end shunt where the vehicle was travelling the vivaz 6 miles per hour. Most whiplash injury claims crop up from accidents in which the speed involved was only concerning about 6 miles per hour and 12 miles on a daily basis – between a jogging and a cycling speed. Your motor vehicle may be virtually undamaged, yet the soft tissues in your side are considerably more delicate, and prone to damage at perhaps slow speeds. Even if no claim for vehicle deterioration is made, you can still claim for whiplash compensation.