Hiring The Right Singapore Maid

ADVANCE FOR MONDAY, SEPT. 3–Indonesian maid Nita Asis cleans windows at her employer’s apartment in Singapore, Aug. 1, 2001. Singapore employs about 140,000 foreign maids, virtually all young women from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. Asian governments often encourage the women to work as maids overseas because they send hard currency home. (AP Photo/Simon Thong)

Brand-new made the big move to the City of Lions and are interested in the right Singapore maid? For many people, it’s difficult just to find the person and hire them on the spot to help with house chores. After all, the person one hires has to be trusted and must also be a hard worker. So what are the things that one can because of find the right maid to help around the household?


A good place to start is to get information from maid agencies. Maid agencies can be bought in many parts of Singapore and from here you can get valuable institutions on ones with proper certification from the local government. A company provides you with resumes of many individuals who are looking for a job as a Singapore maid.

Why Choose Agencies?

A maid agency is amongst the best place to go if you are looking for a trustworthy and loyal employee for your personal household. Agencies can make this activity much simpler for you. A lot of resumes for the position of housemaid are passed on to be able to agencies in Singapore. This is good for both the employee as well as employer as it makes any transaction safe and it also helps to protect both parties’ rights.

Your Preference

After finding the right agency, the next thing is submitting required papers. These documents basically are so you might indicate your preference in an employee. This will help agencies ascertain which person or people will be good for your family. This information can include anything from how old a person is for you to how much education she has attained. Advice is to include your whole preferences so that you have a better choice of employees to choose from.

Being aware of Where They Are From

In Singapore, you cannot just retain the services of a person from any country in the world. Most agencies could advise you that you can only hire maids from the Ministry with Manpower (MOM) approved source for Foreign Domestic People. Countries that are approved in most Singapore agencies are Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India plus Bangladesh. With this information, you can better prepare yourself by looking on the background of each country and their people. This will help you stay clear of any misunderstandings in culture.

Your Responsibilities

Hiring a maid around Singapore comes with many responsibilities. Of course , this holds true executed country where you decide to settle. In Singapore, it is the recruiter who takes care of, for example , all the medical expenses of a servant. This includes medical care and hospital fees that are incurred.

Security measure Fee

For security of the maid, an agency will require a company to make a security deposit. This is because most of the maids in Singapore are from another country. The deposit is made to mother or to the Work Permit Department. Once a contract expires by using a maid, an employer must repatriate that employee or else probability losing the security deposit made.