Killer Email Marketing Tips To Help You Create Successful Email Campaigns!

E-mail marketing is about getting the right message in front of the right person for the right time. We all chose to build businesses online because wish tired of hunting down prospects and duping them into getting at a presentation! We’re tired of asking grandma if your girl friend will join our network marketing business! Well that’s the beauty of email marketing. Your prospect has already opted in and is interested in what jooxie is doing. Half the battle is won. We must motivate them to COMMIT!

I remember a time about 6 or simply 7 years ago when a buddy of mine called everyone up. “Hey man, I’m making tons of money in this innovative job I landed and they’re looking to hire another male! ” Naturally I was interested. He tells me his leader wants to meet me and have sort of an “informal interview”. He tells me to be sure and dress nice. So here Positive driving to our meeting at Starbucks (that should’ve really been my first clue). I get there and it’s my close friend and some other young guy. They show me a concept on a laptop about this network marketing company (which shall keep nameless). Of course , the last thing on my mind was joining! We were pissed! My buddy duped me!

Needless to say, I will under no circumstances do business like that!… Back to email marketing…
First of all, in email marketing to consider the conversation going on in your prospect’s mind. Put your own self in their shoes. What kind of questions, worries, or doubts are you willing to have in your mind? What troubles are they going through? You need to indicate their problem, whether it’s being broke, stuck in a ardeur, crappy lifestyle, and point it out. Agitate them a small amount. Don’t be too mean, but make it obvious that they have issues. Then give them a solution! That is the formula for effective profits copy in email marketing!

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Problem==> agitation==> solution!

There are many techniques that you can communicate with your list…

5 Types of Email Marketing Material
1 . Information- Let them know about your company and it’s background. Say to them about your products and compensation plan. Introduce them to your chiefs!

2 . Education- Create a “How To” article or video clip and send it out. Create value! You don’t have to be a competent. Just re-teach the things that you’re learning on a daily basis.

3. Inspiration- If you’re successful, tell them your story. If you’re still continuing your journey, tell them one of your leader’s stories. Inspire and boost them!

4. Entertainment- Send them and entertaining online video, blog post, or article. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with all your business. Send them a random funny video and next segue into a call to action somehow.

5. Promotion- This could be reductions on your products, bonuses, or something for free.

80/20 Around Email Marketing
The general rule in email marketing is to give your potentials 80% and ask for 20%. Give them a LOT of value! Most your email or blog post that you linked to in your e mail should contain valuable information. Don’t give them a couple of intelligence of value and then 4 paragraphs on why they should purchase your product. The call to action or sales pitch should be right at the end. You need to find a way to ease into it. Have it solve their dilemma. Maybe explain how they can apply the value you’ve given these folks much easier with your product!

If they decide to move forward with you, guarantee that they won’t be shocked! Use “price conditioning” in your electronic mails. Tell them how much the product (or entry level product) will cost. Certainly they won’t get sticker shock when they click through! Apply “effort conditioning”. Make sure they know that your opportunity is going to take labor and dedication. Tell them what happens next at every step of your way. Literally say, “Click HERE, type in your electronic mail, click submit, watch the video, and get out your credit card! in