The Way to use hair extensions for mega quantity

You understand what they State, the bigger the hair, the closer to paradise.

Sometimes, however, Attaining that Dolly Parton degree of hair quantity requires painstaking attempt, heat styling, and a great deal of hair products, just for your own hair to fall again through the day. Ever thought about how celebs maintain their own hair volumized and ideal all night and day? We are going to assist you in on a little secret: hair extensions.

That is right, from Short hair to long hair, celebrity hairstylists are using hair extensions to improve their customers’ hair to new heights! Those voluminous lobs that seem to defy gravity? Hair extensions. Those fabulous curls that never fall out? You guessed it, hair extensions. And those long, thick braids that you just can’t seem to create at home? Hair extensions strategically placed to add thickness and volume.

Hair extensions for volume

Very often, when people think about hair extensions, they think about adding length to their hair. But what if you mostly struggle with thin hair and aren’t really looking to add length to your hair–just volume? Better yet, what if you have short hair, love your hair length and just need to add a little life to your hairstyle? The best part about hair extensions is that they can be customized to solve your individual hair problems. Not interested in length? No problem!

These days, we Understand that it’s not all about mermaid length hair–that’s why we created a 16″ span to improve our set of hair extensions. Offered in a 140g pounds, the 16″ collection is the perfect length to complement your lob or medium length hair, while adding a touch of length, and all the volume.

Already have a set of Our Classic 20″ Luxy Hair extensions however wish to adopt your shorter hair?

If You’re using hair Extensions for quantity instead of duration, the 20″ extensions will likely be longer than your natural hair, unless you already have ultra long hair. Since Luxy Hair extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, they can be cut or trimmed just like your own natural hair, without affecting the integrity of the wefts or extensions.

All you need to do is give the extensions a snip to match your natural hair’s length, to use the extensions just for volume. While we recommend that a professional make the chop, if you are comfortable wielding a pair of hairstylist scissors (careful, they’re sharp!) you can certainly do this yourself at home. We recommend to ensure that your scissors are as sharp as possible, to cut accurately and smoothly. Otherwise, the hair will bend, rather than cut, and may end up looking choppy.

In the following Video, we’ll walk you through how to use your 20″ Luxy Hair extensions for quantity instead of length.

In this movie, Sarah Utilizes her 220g Ombre ChestnutLuxy Hair extensions. This set adds additional volume and depth to her own hair, while also incorporating some highlights in the ends and color dimension during.

Employing Luxy Hair Extensions for quantity is excellent since they can be implemented to almost any hair type. Whether you’ve got a lob, hair that’s of a mean thickness, or medium length hair, all it requires is a couple of snips and tactical clipping to find large, voluminous hair in only a couple of minutes without including length and naturally, without damaging your own hair.

Get Sarah’s appearance with the 220g Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair extensions

Get Sarah’s appearance Using 220g Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair extensions

You may need:

1. Trimming scissors

2. Your Luxy Hair extensions

3. A steady hand!

hair extensions

The Way to trim your hair extensions

It’s not necessary To trim your whole collection of extensions. Based upon your hair type, only a couple of wefts can make a difference in the depth of your hair, but if you’re seeking mega quantity, we say go right ahead and trim your entire set!

Measure 1: Straighten Your own hair

Considering that Luxy Hair extensions are created with 100 percent Remy human hair, that they are obviously right. Thus, we advise that you straighten your hair too, to fit the feel of their extensions prior to cutting them. This will make sure that the amount you cut on the extensions is true, otherwise, when you design the extensions, they’ll look shorter than you initially thought.

Step 2: Trim your Extensions weft from weft

In order to cut back your Hair extensions so that they’re the exact same length as your normal hair, we urge to clip your own Luxies in weft from weft, and cut off the extra length every moment, instead of snipping off a massive chunk of hair at the same go. Patience is essential here! If your hair is layered, then you are going to want to adhere to the distance of the layers, then trimming every weft a bit shorter the higher on your mind it is clipped in.

Measure 3: Feather that the Endings

In order to make certain That the wefts you’re cutting look organic, we would recommend to cut the hair to make sure you are cutting on the weft directly, leaving the weft around half an inch more. After that, flip your scissors and snip vertically across the border to feather the endings. This is likely to make the endings of the weft look a lot more natural, instead of really dull, which is just not how natural hair develops.

It’s that simple! Your own hair extensions will be the exact same length as your own hair, and you’ll be able to pop up your wefts in if you feel like getting some additional, voluminous hair for a night or even regular.

Imagine if your hair is More than 20 inches?

If your hair is More than 20 inches, this is the perfect position for you. In cases like this, you may just clip your Luxy Hair extensions directly from the box, to use for quantity instead of length. If your hair is an inch or two more than your own hair extensions, the additional wefts trimmed in will still perform the trick in order to add thickness and volume for your own hair, minus the length being overly noticeable.

Imagine if you want more Thickness compared to a complete pair of Luxy Hair extensions?

You are in luck! Perhaps not Only are you currently blessed with beautiful thick hair, we also carry a Volumizer Weftfor scenarios such as these. Our Volumizer Weft includes a single 4-clip weft that’s 7″ long, with 45g of hair attached. This weft can be used as a supplemental weft to your existing set of Luxies for even more thickness.

Alternatively, if you are only looking to add a little bit of thickness to your hair, you can wear the Volumizer Weft on its own. Be sure to trim the weft according to our instructions above if your hair is shorter than 20″, but to be sure that the weft blends naturally on your own hair, giving it that extra quantity. If your hair is 20″ or longer, you can simply clip the Volumizer Weft in at the crown of your hair for that added thickness.

Hair extensions are truly a versatile hair accessory and don’t have to be used just for adding va-va-voom length. Even short haired gals can get in on the fun, by wearing hair extensions to enhance their hair in a natural way.

hair extensions

Want to add even more volume? Here are some more hacks to take your hair to new heights1. Use a volumizing shampoo

Shampoos with volumizing formulas( make the hair lighter, boost it from the roots, and open up the hair cuticle, making hair strands look thicker. In order to get your hair nice and fluffy, however, try to pick a shampoo with a lightweight conditioning ingredient that rinses off well. Also, stay away from super creamy formulas if you have fine hair, as these will definitely weigh your hair down, leading to a drab, flat ‘do. It goes without saying that any shampoo or conditioner you need to ought to likewise be free of these dreaded sulfates, alcohols, and silicones.

3. Insert texturizing Spray along with a bit of shampoo

Michael Duenas, the key supporting Noah Cyrus’ Signature weightless yet texturized hair educated us this small trick. Before blow drying, spray texturizing spray to wet hair and a few dry shampoo within that for additional curricular hold. After that, go with blow drying as normal and watch your own hair Gradually lift by itself!

2. Give yourself a salon Blowout in your home

We want to assert That among the greatest feelings in the world is leaving the hair salon with a new blow dry. Perhaps you have noticed how volumized and resilient your hair appears once you leave the salon? That is because hairstylists have mastered the craft of this blowout–in actuality, you will find blow dry pubs entirely devoted to giving girls the ideal blowout each moment! Employing a massive barrel around brush, take a while to understand how to blow out your hair in your home, to find ideal, voluminous hair everytime. Click the for a complete tutorial.

4. Flip your hair Over when blow drying

This is the earliest, And simplest trick in the book to receive immediate volume on your hair. In case you haven’t really mastered the craft of the salon blowout only yet, pretend it’till you create it by turning your hair prior to blow drying. After that, give your hair a last burst of chilly air to lock into the fashion before turning back your hair. Voila! Immediate volume.

5. Tease your origins

The 80’s could be long Gone, but large, voluminous hair won’t ever go out of fashion. Though hair darkening has a terrible reputation from girls above teasing their hair from the 80s, giving your hair a small backcomb in the roots is a fast and effortless way to immediately find more lift at the roots. Still another reason teasing your hair is really excellent? In case you’ve got good hair and your hair extensionsconsistently slide, teasing your follicles will give the hair extra grip and a firm grip to your hair extensions to clip .

Can you wear your Luxy Hair extensions for depth? Have You Got some other hints and suggestions that we Have not mentioned? Please visit here