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10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Charity Scams

Good cause scammers are very clever — they know exactly what heartstrings to tug and how to make you think the scam is definitely real. Here are 10 tips to help spot charity cons: 1. Ask for the name, address, and phone number of the charity — and whether or not it is registered. If… Read more »

Charity – The True Path to Achieve Happiness and Peace

A good cause is one of the greatest virtues of mankind. Every religion asks its followers to engage in charities for the fellow individuals and even to other living beings. Charity means using your strength, talent, resources, money, possessions, or whatever else, to help people who need them. Jesus Christ asked his followers to do… Read more »

Use Vending Charities And Don’t Pay Commissions

When you first intend getting locations for your gumball vending machines you might be in face of paying commissions to the location. I am telling you right now do. You won’t be in business long splitting profits with the manager of the business you got your machine placed in. Out of almost all my locations… Read more »


Could You Give Greater than You may Save?

1 thing about committing this coming IFCJ Christmas, a great deal of typically generous patrons will definitely save more. The market is something to fear from months as well as the volatility and the faltering business tycoons are variables that may strike fear in the future holds for nearly all of us. So in the… Read more »

3 Surprising Products You are able to Donate

It is possible to devote your time, money and of course specific products in good condition that you no longer use. But, it is the products which appear to be so perplexing for a lot of men and women. In case the merchandise is comparatively pricey, you might choose to write it off as a… Read more »